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GovCabinet.com is an ASP based Document Imaging, Storage and Retrieval system that simulates real world environment.
GovCabinet.com makes managing documents easier then ever.

Web Based Flexible Storage
Smart Key Search Concurrent Access
Content Based Indexing Content Based Indexing
  • Document Scanning
  • Content Based Indexing & Storage
  • Centralized Document Sharing
  • Web Based Remote Access
  • Rapid Search
  • Multiple Secure Backup Options
  • User Defined Document Access

  • Reduce Cost of storing paper documents.
  • Increase productivity, no more lost time searching for information.
  • Minimize costly misfiling with paper based storage.
  • Electronic storage and retrieval provides instant access.
  • Remote storage provides additional disaster recovery protection.
  • Scalable design, system grows with your storage needs.
  • Seamless design and implementation.
  • Easy to use and learn.